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WindyHill Design

who we are

Here's how to reach us, and who we are....

WindyHill Design
New York, NY 10040


WindyHill Design is a web-based group of loosely-associated artists and producers.  We take take pride in our originality, creativity and skills. 

WindyHill Design started as an idea in 1998, when Heather Quinn became interested in the possibility of combining her twenty years of fine arts and programming experience into a single career. 

Design Focus

WindyHill Design produces original design on the web, without diluting or diminishing the commercial or personal goals and requirements of the sites we create.  How do we keep this focus?  By enclosing content and functionality within the container of unique, high-quality design and digital arts components.

This site's design, coding, copy, graphics, Flash movies, and animations are original creations and productions of WindyHill Design.  Site elements created, produced or designed by other artists are not used anywhere on the WindyHill site, with the exception of two logos: the Hurricane Electric logo at the bottom of this page (Hurricane Electric hosts our site, and has provided us with outstanding service).

Wondering why WindyHill Design uses a carriage horse to brand our web site, and horse icons as list bullets?  Most web designers and graphics artists will guess it's because we work like the proverbial horse.

All design, graphics, artwork, content and code © 1998 - 2006 Heather Quinn, WindyHill Design, All rights reserved


WindyHill produces new sites, redesigns existing ones, and creates website components such as layouts, graphics, Flash and text content.  We use HTML 4, Javascript, and CSS to produce our work.  Besides design, layout, graphics, Flash, animations, and original artwork (both digital and handdrawn or painted), we do image and photo retouching and optimization, and handle sites' original and revision copywriting, content research, data collection and organization, site and navigation structuring, and usability (interface) design requirements.  The sites we build meet W3C Level 1.0 Accessibility guidelines (and can be coded to meet higher-level guidelines if required), and are cross-browser compatible.

WindyHill's staff have the skills and experience to create and produce original copy, photography and graphics for your site.  We are also comfortable using your own original materials, adapting them to work for your site.


WindyHill Design develops on Windows PC's.  We use Allaire's Homesite (an enhanced HTML text editor), Macromedia's Dreamweaver (a visual HTML editor), and Ipswitch's WS_FTP Pro (an explorer-interface FTP client) to create and publish web sites.  Based on our own experience with these popular web development tools, we recommend their use to build and maintain web pages.

WindyHill Design uses Adobe's Photoshop and ImageReady, and Macromedia's Fireworks for raster (bitmapped) graphics, page comps (layout mockups) and GIF animations; Macromedia's Flash for Flash movies; Macromedia's Fireworks and Freehand, and Adobe's Illustrator for vector graphics; and Adobe's PageMaker for page layouts.  We use a Wacom Intuos digital tablet/pen for vector graphics and pressure-sensitive raster line work, and Corel's Painter for digital art and graphics that emulate the textural and blending characteristics of classical paint media.  Based on the results we have been able to achieve with these respected graphics tools, we recommend their use to develop graphics, layouts and digital art. 


Heather Quinn conceived of WindyHill Design in 1998, and began teaching herself the necessary web, graphics and design skills at that time, drawing on her previously acquired fine arts and programming skills.  Her interest in the fine arts is still active.  In addition, she brings years of business experience to the mix.   More about her personal background can be seen at:

Sabu Martin Quinn is a WindyHill Design associate with superb professional writing, photography, arts and video skills and experience.  His current foci are screenwriting and film directing.  Samples of his work can be seen on his site at:

Ardith Quinn-Spiegl is available to work with WindyHill Design as a content and research associate.  She brings her organizational skills plus her unsurpassed talent for nitpicking to WindyHill's content production tasks.  She is active in areas of politics that impact the well-being of common life-forms, people included, and the environment.  She is also a gardener and a handweaver.   Some of her work and opinions can be seen at:

This site hosted by: :: © 2009 Heather Quinn  WindyHill Design, All rights reserved