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WindyHill Design

design portfolio

Web Sites

Hank's Telephones:  screen capture of portfolio site: (opens new window)This site used blocked color, an owner-selected palette of royal blue, rich yellow, white, grey and black, and a custom-designed logo, to visually convey the love for fine, old-time engeneering and design that is the raison d'etre for this business, which sells beautifully-restored (to working condition) antique, classic and collectible Western Electric (WECO), Bell System, Automatic Electric, European and Asian telephones.

(This company recently closed.  I'll be posting an archive of this web site soon.)

Sabu Quinn:  screen capture of portfolio site: (opens new window)The owner's fine arts background and feedback strongly influenced this web site design.  The site is spare and clean, giving maximum focus to the owner's screenplays, photos, and video stills.  By using the owner's existing marketing material as the basis for the design motif, and with all text and photographic content originating from the site owner, the site functions as a pure and authentic representation of the owner's talents, which he can be comfortable about using for self-promotion.  We've given joint design credit for this site to the owner.

Rivendel Farm:  screen capture of portfolio site: (opens new window)The site uses a signboard motif for identity and navigation, to set a country mood with an elegant finish.  The site's design motif and crisp, sparkling layout telegraph the farmers' humane and knowledgeable approach to farming.  The site helps build a strong visual identity for the farm and its product marketing needs.  The owners' text content is used throughout. Illustrations digital modifications of scans of the owners' farm snapshots.

Design Concept

screen capture of web site design (opens new window)This web site design mockup, designed for a country medical practice, uses calming colors, flowing curves, and foliage to give the site a welcoming, non-threatening tone..

Photo Preparation

Prepping photos for Flash — Flash Presentation for Sabu Quinn:  before-and-after, photo prep for Flash use (opens new window)High-resolution 11 x analog photo prints were scanned and prepared for a Flash presentation that highlights the differences in how children play in the Republic of Ireland and Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Pups 'n Love  Animated Flash entertainment: 

Flash movie pop-up: Pups 'n LoveTwo cute dogs fall in love on a spring day. What's the result?  Click anywhere within the pups' pen to find out!  The artwork: the dogs are a line portrait of one of our dogs, Grey-Grey, sketched directly into Flash with a Wacom Intuos digital tablet/pen combo.

The Magic Box  Animated Flash entertainment: 

Flash movie pop-up: The Magic BoxDesigned to illustrate the magical and mysterious sensations a child feels early on a dark and frosty Christmas morning, the magic box in this Flash movie opens on different scenes and sounds, depending on the number you choose from its menu.  The artwork: the box and its little scenes were stylistically inspired by Arthur Szyk's extraordinary illustrations for the 1945 Grosset & Dunlap edition of Andersen's Fairytales (transl. by E.V. Lucas and H.B. Paull), a book dreamed over throughout childhood. (If you like Szyk's work, check out the resources at the Arthur Szyk Society web site.)

Blue Click  Animated Flash entertainment:  

Flash movie pop-up: The Magic BoxFlash experiment with textures and tonalities inspired by Paul Klee's works.

For Rai  Animated Flash entertainment:  Flash movie pop-up: The Magic Box

Flash experiment presenting 30-second snippets of 4 songs from Cheb Mami's exciting Rai album "Meli Meli".

Web Page Designs (within this web site)

Design Class Lecture and Calendar Pages  These pages were developed for a series of design classes, taught by Heather Quinn of WindyHill Design in 2002 and 2003.  As each class started, the graphics and color styles of the lectures pages were morphed to suit the season of the year.  The pages featured a CSS2 right side menu, based on a style sheet from's stylesheet reservoir.

First class style.Second class style.Third class style.
First class style, class calendar.Second class style, class calendar.Third class style, class calendar.

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