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Other Pricing Issues...

Deposits and Refunds:

We require a $100 deposit to start on a per hour job, or a 50% deposit on a flat price job. 

We will refund your deposit (or project fees) in full, minus $50 for adminstrative costs, for any work you contract us to do for you, with which you are not completely satisfied, if you express your dissatisfaction within 45 days after job completion or project close.


We normally retain full, nontransferable, worldwide copyrights to all original design, graphics, code, writing, Flash and other animations, photography, art and illustration we create for your project, granting you limited copyrights for usage of such items on your website and collateral marketing materials only.  If you wish to purchase a more extensive license or transfer of rights for the work we create for you, we'd be pleased to negotiate with you.  If you license or pay for a transfer of exclusive worldwide copyrights from us, we will give you the graphics and other source files for the licensed or transferred items at no additional charge.

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