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WindyHill Design

how we design

Your web site is a joint effort between you and your designer, and you are the most important member of the team.  You define what you want, and what you want your web site to say to the world.

In our design process, we use a structured approach, to help define what you want.  Here's how we do it...

To define your goals, and get you started, we...

Learn about your reasons for having a web site

Review examples of web sites that you do and don't like

Guide you in setting up your site's domain name

Help you in getting signed up with a web hosting company

To nail down your content needs, we...

Help you organize and prepare the content you already have (text, photos, lists, articles, illustration, art, animation, forms, links, references, etc.) so it can be used on your site

Find or create new content for you

Prepare other content from other sources (if you're using other writers, content providers, photographers, etc.) to fit your site

To develop (or redefine) your web site's branding and identity, we..

Work with you to define what makes you and your web site special, and develop some examples of visual styles that reflect the essence of that specialness

Create logo samples for you to choose from, if you don't yet have a logo

To develop your web site's structure and organization, we...

Divide your web site's content into sections, and plan how the sections will be interconnected

Work with you to determine what other web sites your site will "link out" to

Create your web site's navigation design (how people will move around your web site)

To prepare your visual design and graphics, we...

Ask if you already have a logo, brochure, or other artwork, graphics, layouts or styles that you'd like to use on your web site, and if you do, determine how these items can best be used in your site's layout and graphics. 

Develop several visual layouts, and ask you to choose the one you like best

Build your layout choice as a sample web page, to make sure the visual concept will work on your web site

Create new graphics or art (photography, drawings, images, animation, Flash movies, illustration, etc.), if you've asked us to create them for you

To take your web site live, we...

Make sure your site's host service provider has your domain up and working on their servers, and divide your site into live and test areas

Set up e-mail forwarding so e-mail sent to your domain name reaches you

Put up a temporary main page with your chosen layout and some interesting content, while we complete development of your web site; this allows search engines to index your web site while it's being built

Build the web pages for your site, and test them to make sure your web site works cleanly and well with various standard Internet browsers (like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla and Opera)

Integrate the layout, graphics, text and other content, spellcheck your text, and copyedit it for good grammar and punctuation (and a lively written style, if required)

Make sure your site meets accessibility standards

Publish your in-work web site in the test area of your domain, so you can view it, and share it with friends or colleagues, if you choose to

Take your web site live in stages (section by section), to keep your audience (and search engines) aware of the progress and growth of your site

Work with you, if you ask us to, to develop announcement materials so you can let people know about your brand-new (or redesigned) web site

To keep your web site going in the future, we...

Recommend that you plan to update your web site as often as possible, to keep it fresh and up-to-date, and help search engines keep your site well-indexed

Get you started with using an editing tool that uses "templates" to let you to change or add content without disturbing the graphics, layout and underlying code, if you plan to maintain your own web site going forward

Create a plan for web site updates and maintenance, which can be performed by us, or by the maintenance company or person of your choice


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